haloo, apa kabar ol hihi
jadii, i became close with this person in early 2022. yes a year ago. he is my classmate, I don't really know him actually, just know his name aja. and in fact, I don't like him cause HE IS SO ANNOYING yang kaya he didn't do his responsibility. so I don't really make any interaction with him. BUT in early 2022 he suddenly texted me cause he was curious about my gossip about me with 'someone'. WHICH IS kinda weird since we don't really talk and know each other. kaya?? LO NGAPAIN TIBA TIBA NANYA. but okay I answer. and then after that we talked a lot about anything and he didn't have any intention to date me. like he didn't interested to me in a romantic way. I FEEL GLAD CAUSE I can bebas berekspresi no jaim dong. he's fun juga, good listener, he can take care of me like HE DID ANYTHING TO ME. such a good boy friend. IM REALLY GLAD TO KNOW HIM AND KAYA BERSYUKUR BANGET. but that changed. since he likes me in a romantic way.. he became like controlling me. and I hate it. and mulai nuntut ini itu jujur :) but like I need him but not in this way.. jadi sering ribut padahal just small things for me, but digede gedein ama dia.. i don't really know why. he's kinda different but I know that still him. AND TODAY THE GOODBYE.
he chooses to leave me. yea became strangers.. I HATE IT. i still want him as my friend.. but cant.. he left me..
this is sad but this is life ga sih? people come and go. i hope this is the best one for us :) SEDIH BANGET JUJUR HUHU
for you, kalo accidentally u read this. I'm still here if u need and I'm still the same person that u met a year ago. thank you and thank you and big thanks for u. for everything anything u did for me. I LOVE IT BANGET.
you're the best thing that happened to me in my life I could say. and I ga nyesel kenal sama u and yea MAKASII BANYAK BANYAK. thank you and sorry are never enough for me to say to u.
i hope we can meet in the future ya? with the best version of us and we can change the ending :)

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violet / 1 pts / 2 months ago
Jadi ingat “cowok sama cewek gk mungkin hanya berteman”
Karena KATANYA, cowok akan berteman dgn cewek yg dia sukai, sebaliknya.
Gitu gk siiih?
schlecht / 1 pts / 2 months ago
Mungkin dia perlu jeda untuk kontrol perasaannya ke kamu. Tapi jangan terlalu berharap dia kembali juga. Yes, memang gitu kan, siklus hubungan. Datang dan pergi.
Lamputerbang / 1 pts / 2 months ago
Gue gatau juga sih wkwk, punya temen deket cowok dan kita udah saling tau tapi gaada kelanjutan karena gue nolak beliau. We still friends tapi emang gak sedeket dulu, you can not expect people to do same things like before right? So yaa life must go on bestiee. Semogaa doi move on dan kalian bisa berteman dengan baik lagi yaa